Entering Her World

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Say Hello

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You are cruising the aisle at Walmart, maybe in the greeting card section, and you look up from what you are reading to see a veiled woman coming your way. Her veil tells you she is Muslim. 


You slow a bit, careful not to stare but eager for another glance. You eek your cart past her, careful to avoid the awkwardness of letting her know you see her but don’t know what to do with her. 


Her veil does exactly what the enemy of our souls wants it to do. It communicates mystery. It elicits fear. It marginalizes, and it paralyzes. 


So you feel badly, but you definitely keep your distance. Jesus entrusts Muslim women to Christian women because He means to extend His redemptive mission to them through us. This is true of Christian and Muslim women everywhere. Christ wants us to say “hello” on His behalf, so that He can give Muslim women Heaven.


Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women will inspire you to befriend Muslim women, and it will equip you for that first “hello.” Your feelings about the veil will change, you’ll understand new things about the Muslim woman’s path to paradise, and you’ll be compelled to enter her world.


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