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Posted on September 23, 2019 by Say Hello

We’ve always had big dreams at Say Hello. From the day we launched we knew God wanted us to resource Christian women with tools that would invite, equip, and encourage them for sharing their faith with Muslim friends everywhere.

How could we not _ (3)

Our focus at the beginning was solely Christian women.  We knew from experience that outreach to Muslim women would involve children, but when we began seeing how American school systems were adjusting academic calendars to include Muslim holidays, we realized that our approach to equipping Christian women for outreach to Muslim women must include our kids, right away.


We’ve done that by creating a discovery kit that helps kids share Jesus with their Muslim friends. Through the Forever Friends curriculum, kids have become an important part of our goal to equip Christian women for God’s mission to Muslim women.  We are calling this our Big Dream.


We are creating an app-based community platform that will effectively resource Christian women for relating Christ to Muslim women and ultimately, their families.


Our goal is for this app to provide secure, sacred space where God can grow our courage, our love for Jesus and Muslim women, and our effectiveness as we lead Muslim women to Jesus and disciple them into mature faith.


Its reach will be global. Aside from providing practical tools for outreach everywhere, it will be able to network Christian women so that those who are more experienced than others might offer counsel and encouragement. It will be a venue for prayer and corporate intercession, as well.


Picture this! Margie in Tennessee has kids whose classmates are Muslims from Malaysia. Bettina is a global worker in Malaysia, who is outreaching to friends there. This app will provide a platform for Margie and Bettina to partner in prayer--and many other ways, really--that can wonderfully enrich their own friendships and successes.


This big dream has capacity for enormous global impact. Will you please pray with us, as we rely upon and work with the Holy Spirit to make it a reality? If you would like to be involved in other ways, please connect with us here.


Thank you for your interest and your prayers!

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