Every Encounter Matters!

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Say Hello

Every encounter counts! Read about what happened when one woman said "hello".


Not long ago, I was waiting for my husband to come out of surgery in the large downstairs lobby of Swedish Hospital in Seattle. I saw a Muslim woman there. My heart ached to reach out to her with the gospel so I prayed silently, "Lord, how can I reach out to this woman?"

Pretty soon, she approached me and asked if she could use my cell phone. I was more than happy to oblige. We sat down together while she phoned her ride. When she hung up and gave my phone back to me, she started asking questions about my children. I answered her but also told her about my grandchildren. She responded with surprise, saying I looked too young to have grandchildren.

I told her that I love God and that He is good to me and that He keeps me young. I then proceeded to tell her about Jesus. I was just able to give her the gospel when her ride (a man) showed up. I said goodbye and kept her in prayer. It was very exciting!

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