"Say Hello" in Cuba

Posted on April 15, 2013 by Say Hello

Say Hello in Cuba Say Hello in Cuba

I grew up on an island just a short boat ride away from Cuba, but the closest I ever came to going there was what I learned from my Cuban-born American History teacher in middle school. Two weeks ago I had the privilege of going to Cuba for the first time.

I taught Women In Islam awareness sessions to leaders, lay workers, and students in Assemblies of God churches in two different Cuban cities. In both places I learned the same thing.

Even though they live a more secluded existence, Cuban women are like women everywhere who don’t know what to make of the Muslims they see trickling into their universities and communities. Some of them already have reason to fear them, but most of them are cautious because of what they hear and because of all they don't know.

We spent a couple of days in each city informing and inspiring Cuban women for outreach to their new, steadying influx of Muslim immigrant neighbors. They asked hard questions and took copious notes. They soaked in the facts and processed what it meant for them.

After our last session, we started the wrap-up Q & A time. A tall, thin woman stood erect from a back pew, and with purpose and focus projected her voice so that we in the front would be sure to hear her. She thanked us for traveling so far to share our hearts, and then she bellowed in Spanish: "We are Cubans! You had us when you first said ‘hello’ to us. Now, please train us for the privilege of reaching Muslims in Cuba and everywhere else.” She sat down to the audible “amens” of others.

Christian women in Cuba, hope of Heaven for Muslim women everywhere! It’s a sisterhood with immeasurable potential. Do we share their eagerness for the task?

Say Hello will do all we can to help inspire and equip women in your districts and churches for relationship with Muslim neighbors. Please contact Say Hello by email at sayhellosmw@gmail.com or write to us: SMW, PO Box 5928, Springfield, MO 65801. You may also contact us through our website here.

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