Say Hello Reviews Award-Winning 'The Next Target'

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Say Hello

Nikki Arana's book The Next Target was recently named the winner of the 2013 Christian Book Award for Fiction.

The director of Say Hello offers her review of the book:

The Next TargetThe Next Target features love that ventures into tough realms of radical extremism for the sake of Muslim friends. In this context of love, in all its forms, Arana's fictional characters expose the conflict that extremism pours into its own Islamic community and the community of Christians, which the conflict means to disrupt. The story's intricate plot gently dips into places where the warmth and affection of friendships between Muslims and Christ-followers realistically reflect the passion and joy that compel them.

Reading this book will help you wrestle with fears that probably keep you from the pleasure of Muslim friendships.  It will soften your heart for the Muslims God brings to your own neighborhood, so that He can love them through you (and you through them).

And all that while the adrenaline in your veins holds you captive to the pages you consume.

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