The Right to Choose

Posted on May 1, 2013 by Say Hello
A misconception among Westerners is that women who convert to Islam--or Muslim women who choose daily to be so--make their choices because they are pressured into it, or they don't understand what they do. Free will is God-given. If we deem anyone incapable of making good choices, Truth in us becomes relevant only to us. Perhaps this is oddly part of what keeps us from sharing, or makes the nature of our sharing condescending and distasteful.
The following article from Religion News Service suggests ways our own worldviews distort the Muslim woman's realities. It reminds us to recognize our Muslim friends' right and ability to choose. As Christ-followers who purpose to love like Jesus loves (modeled in his New Testament relationships with men and women), we recognize our own need to shed preconceptions and be prepared for the privilege of knowing/loving the Muslim woman who makes her choices every day. Only then will we know the joy of speaking into those choices, and through our Muslim friend's virtues become more aware of our own need to become better Christ followers.

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