You Carry What Muslim Women Need

Posted on July 5, 2016 by Say Hello

Do you remember that when Hagar first flees Sarai, the Lord finds her by a spring of water in the wilderness? It is here that His angel assures her that she’ll bear a son of influence. Hagar gratefully calls him “the God who sees me.”

The second time Hagar flees Sarai, Ishmael is a teenager. The two of them wander until they run out of drink and food. They find themselves helpless in Beersheba’s waterless wilderness. Hagar puts Ishmael under a tree and walks away, because she doesn’t want to see him die. She lifts up her voice and weeps.

The God who saw Hagar through her first crisis hears Ishmael’s cries this time, as well. His angel calls to Hagar from heaven and once again blesses what will become the lineage of this thirsty, dying boy. God opens her eyes, and what does Hagar see?

A well! It supplies their needs for years to come.

Do you see how closely connected to Jesus this water is?

Muslim women trace their spiritual lineage to Ishmael. To this day they go to great lengths to get water from what they trust is the very well God provided for Hagar and Ishmael. They  believe it has special powers. But Jesus lovingly offers them the real deal: water that will become in them “a spring. . . welling up to eternal life.”

Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women wants to remind you that Jesus in you—the Spring that wells up to eternal life—is exactly what Muslim women need. If they knew that such a thing were available, they would want it!

The thing that keeps them from it is our lack of dialogue with them—our “hello”—our initiative to befriend them and love them like Jesus does. If you would like to be part of   this dialogue, but aren’t sure how to go about it, know that Say Hello is available to help you get started. We would love to engage your districts, your congregations, and women’s groups in seminars and interactive gatherings that will help you know how to start.

For more information, contact Say Hello at or call Global Initiative at (417) 866-7521.

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