Together is Better: Part One

Posted on September 16, 2019 by Say Hello

How could we not _ (1)One of my earliest memories takes me back to my pre-school years in Sunday School. We sang “The More We Pull Together” A LOT. The ditty’s motions kept our little hands and feet busy, while the words poured vital truth into our spongy minds.  “The more we pull together ... the happier we’ll be."


“Together is better” is an excellent premise to build on as we respond to the opportunities God gives us for outreach to Muslim friends. “Together is better in prayer” is an even better place to start.


Anyone who engages Muslims would do well to secure at least one like-hearted Christian they can rely on for joint prayer and spiritual support. When we step into redemptive friendships with Muslims, the first thing we must know is that we nor our friendships will be able to save them. Yes, we genuinely love Muslims and we responsibly share Jesus with them. 


But most importantly, we pray for them, for the privilege of praying with them. 


Jesus is the one who saves.


Recently, we at Say Hello were contacted by some university girls we had not met before, who were outreaching to Muslim friends. They wanted to know a bit more about how to share Jesus with them. We met, and our Say Hello team began sharing about a particular Muslim girl we were praying for, mostly because she had pursued relationship with us and was asking very poignant faith-related questions. They began talking about similar experiences they were having with a Muslim girl.

The more we chatted, the more we realized we were talking about the same person!


In the process of discovering some truly lovely ways God was making himself real to this dear Muslim girl, we became aware that not only were we sharing the same friend, but we‌ ‌were also praying for her—most mornings between 8 and 9 am, in separate group devotions.


One of the reasons together is better is because it’s a principle that is modeled throughout Scripture. When we are praying together, we get to share in the victories together, and in community, our own faith gets affirmed and edified.  As our Muslim friends draw closer to Jesus, we do, too!


Is the Holy Spirit compelling you into redemptive friendships with Muslims? We’d like to help you take the first steps by offering a free prayer resource that you can download here. This will introduce you to some basics about Islam and will offer some suggestions for how you and a friend might pray together for Muslim women.


Together in prayer is a great place to start! Expect wonderful surprises from Jesus as you embark upon this “together” journey. It could mean Heaven to the Muslims whose lives yours bless.

Introductory Guide to Praying

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