Together is Better: Part Two

Posted on September 17, 2019 by Say Hello

How could we not _ (1)-2Yesterday’s blog featured the benefits of having at least one friend come alongside us as we step into the privilege of sharing Jesus with Muslim women. We prioritized the role of prayer in that relationship and shared a brief story that showed how God so beautifully responds when we pray together.


But vital to everything we do together in mission is our unified reliance on the Holy Spirit. If together we are truly abiding and functioning in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, we’ll see the Lord do things we might have only dreamed of otherwise.  


Francis Chan wrote a children’s book that cleverly parables this biblical truth. 


He tells about a big red tractor that was loved a lot by all the people in a little village. Every year during planting season farmers gathered to till the village’s farmland by making the tractor work the best way they knew how. Together they found a way to pull it, then push it, pull it and then push it. They pulled and pushed over and over again for three months till finally, the soil would be plowed for planting. Eventually, they would reap a harvest big enough to feed the whole village.


One day the farmer found a tractor owner’s manual stashed away in his attic. He began to read about how the tractor was made and all it was able to do if it were running properly. He learned that the beloved tractor actually should be able to plow the whole field in just a day! When he told the villagers about it, they refused to believe it was possible. Some even mocked the farmer for thinking foolishly.


This didn’t stop the farmer from believing what the manual said. For a number of nights, while the others were sleeping, the farmer worked on getting the tractor back in shape. One night he finally finished fixing the tractor. He tried it out and had so much fun seeing how it worked, that by morning the whole field was plowed!


Can you imagine what happened next? The people were amazed at what the tractor could do! They caught on, and soon the village was raising enough food to feed itself and many other hungry villages, as well. It wasn’t long before the Big Red Tractor story hit the media, and the Big Red Tractor village became known as “the most generous and life-giving people in the whole, wide world.”


The people and the big red tractor are us, the church. The manual is the Bible—the book that tells us all about the Holy Spirit and how He means to bless the world through us.


And He WILL do it! The Holy Spirit through us, offering the Bread of Life to Muslims who hunger for the Truth we get to share.

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