Shade to Share

Posted on June 24, 2020 by Myra Crane

Is there anything more inviting than a spot of shade on a hot summer day? Recently my mind collided with the thought of it while I plodded through a sun-soaked, mid-morning jog. Beads of salty sweat dripped down my forehead, through furrowed eyebrows into my unprotected eyes.  Beyond the sting, I saw a willow’s shade. I ran to it.

Its canopy sheltered me from the sun’s ravenous reach, and its cooled air soothed my burning lungs. I lingered there; I didn’t want to move. Beneath this shade, I felt cared forand safe.  Everything about it was good.  

Some Muslim girls refer to their veils as their shade. My friend Ikraam wears hers very responsibly.

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Free for the Asking

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Myra Crane

Thoughts of language school in Pakistan stir up lots of memories, some delightful and some excruciating. This one is a bit of both.

One particular day our vocabulary teacher introduced us to the word safar. 

“Repeat after me,” she said. “Súh-fr.” We did, and of course, she kindly approved. 

Safar means journey, like when you travel. Often in Urdu words sound like the feeling they provoke.” She chuckled affectionately as she explained herself.  “When you travel in Pakistan you suffer, because the roads are very bad here. Maybe that will help you remember the meaning of safar.” She literally laughed out loud, and we all joined in. Anyone who has traveled at all knows that travel can mean many things to many people.

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Iftar Reflections

Posted on May 4, 2020 by Myra Crane

Just a minute ago I received a sweet text from a Muslim friend who will soon start cooking for Iftar, the meal with which Muslims break their daily Ramadan fast. She shared her mouth-watering menu with me. She’d probably invite me over if we weren’t in the midst of COVID-19 distancing. (Picture a sad face emoji here.) 

Ramadan is the month when Muslims reverence Allah’s initial revelations of the Qur’an to Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. They fast food, water and sexual relations from sun-up to sun-down, in an effort to receive forgiveness from sin and earn Allah’s favor.

When our family lived overseas, we cherished visits with our Muslim friends during Ramadan. We enjoyed quite a few iftar invitations. At the appointed time we would snack on dried fruit, nuts, shami kebabs and savory samosas before diving in to a larger, delectable fare. A cup or two of creamy, cardamom chai usually topped off the feast.

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The Shepherd's Love

Posted on March 11, 2020 by Myra Crane

Recently, I had a “moment” over coffee and croissants with a new Muslim friend. She is from Saudi Arabia, but for now she lives where I do. 

The freshly baked, chocolate-filled pastries were delicious. We chatted about more stuff we loved to eat, particularly a rice dish she had recently cooked, called kabsa. Then she wanted to know if I liked lamb, one of her favorite foods. In broken English she lamented its scarcity and how expensive it is in the few stores that carry it. She managed to explain how she and her husband drive to a farm about two hours out of town, where they can purchase good lamb from a farmer who kindly sells to them. Then I watched as my friend’s thoughts inevitably veered toward her Saudi homeland, where her parents and her younger siblings still live. She began to share about her dad. 

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Celebrating Christ with Muslims: Christmas Reflections

Posted on December 23, 2019 by Myra Crane

There is not a person in our family who would not be able to recount our first Christmas in the Muslim country where we served. It was a very conservative nation, and we knew before we ever went there that the context would not lend itself to traditional celebrating. We determined early on to do all we could to make it wonderful for the family and meaningful to our Muslim neighbors.

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Journeying Together Through Advent: Part 4

Posted on December 23, 2018 by Ruth Walker

We have lifted our hands in heartfelt surrender as we admired her faith. We have run myriad miles with her, breathing deeply the sigh of relief as we experienced her safe place. Now we raise our voices in song and our hearts in prayer yet again as we study her praise. What an estimable companion Mary has been as we have traversed together through the Christmas season.

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Journeying Together Through Advent: Part 3

Posted on December 19, 2018 by Ruth Walker

We’ve spent the last few weeks delving deeply into the awe-inspiring faith of Mary. We now turn our hearts toward her place, her chosen destination. The Bible explicitly teaches God’s design for life in community. We are not meant to be alone nor to do life on our own. There’s no sense in denying it: we are simply better together!      

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Journeying Together Through Advent: Part 2

Posted on December 14, 2018 by Ruth Walker

This week our Advent story finds us right in the middle of Mary’s stunning revelation from the angel: she has found favor with God! What a wondrous thought! Don’t we all long for this? 

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Journeying Together Through Advent: Part 1

Posted on December 6, 2018 by Ruth Walker

God loves women. He loves Christian women. He equally loves Muslim women. God loves all women. Women matter to God. In a day and age where not every culture or country celebrates this fact, we need to hear this truth again straight from the Word of God. Never doubt for a moment that women matter to God. 

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The Introductory Guide to Praying Effectively

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Say Hello

What We Know 

Many Christian women would agree that we need to pray more for Muslim women, but most of us don’t know enough about them to pray effectively. Informed intercessions are key to moving God’s heart for them. They are also key to growing our love for Muslim women. The more effectively we pray, the more we yearn to live our lives with them and personally love them like Jesus does. 

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