Shade to Share

Posted on June 24, 2020 by Myra Crane

Is there anything more inviting than a spot of shade on a hot summer day? Recently my mind collided with the thought of it while I plodded through a sun-soaked, mid-morning jog. Beads of salty sweat dripped down my forehead, through furrowed eyebrows into my unprotected eyes.  Beyond the sting, I saw a willow’s shade. I ran to it.

Its canopy sheltered me from the sun’s ravenous reach, and its cooled air soothed my burning lungs. I lingered there; I didn’t want to move. Beneath this shade, I felt cared forand safe.  Everything about it was good.  

Some Muslim girls refer to their veils as their shade. My friend Ikraam wears hers very responsibly.

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World Hijab or Not Day

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Myra Crane

I’ve been thinking about this since it happened-this past February 1. It’s taken me a while to process, because I have lovely Muslim friends I have every reason to respect. But what February 1 was two weeks ago is larger than it was a year ago, and it will be smaller than what next year makes it. Because of this, I’m ready to share my thoughts.

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Reversing the Dress Code

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Say Hello

The Muslim woman's veil is not meant to marginalize or stir fear. Essentially, a Muslim woman veils to communicate her modest practices and her desire to please God and honor community. Christ followers who can relate to these core values enjoy loving friendships with wonderful Muslim women because they are able to help seekers find Truth.

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