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A Guide to Building Christ-Like Friendships with Muslim Women

God placed us where we are for a reason...

and our neighbors are here for a reason too.


Inside you will discover some basic information to help you understand your Muslim friend and begin the conversation that could change her life for eternity.

This one-week challenge will prepare you to build a Christ-like friendship that exudes the presence and the Holy Spirit’s transformational power for God’s glory forever.

This devotional includes:

  • Suggestions for prayer each day
  • Prompts for self-reflection
  • Tools to help you identify the places, ideas, and beliefs that you have in common with her
  • Insight on how she sees the world and her path to heaven/paradise
  • Helpful information about her cultural and religious values
  • Encouragement for you as you begin this journey

If you aren’t sure how to start building a friendship with a Muslim, this is a great place to start.

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Download the Devotional:
Building Christ-like Friendships with Muslim Women